Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview for Inspiration and Motivation

If anyone who is reading this blog will know one thing that I am a Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. I started lifting weights in my teenage. I was inspired after I read his Autobiography and Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

I was in college when a friend gave me his autobiography. Then i bought a copy for myself and I also bought two encyclopedias. One was the old version and also the new one which came out in late  nineties. If you are looking for inspiration and don’t feel like working out, I would suggest listening to the video and make notes of things Arnold says in this video.  

One thing that stuck in my mind when I read his encyclopedia is that anyone who wants to be successful should have a clear vision in their mind of achieving these goals. When our ‘why’ is clear and when we have a clear vision, we will stop asking stupid questions to ourselves and we won’t complain. We will give our best when we go to the gym. This is true for all the other things in life. When our thoughts, our visions are clear, we are bound to succeed.

I would suggest listening to video if you want inspiration. You should watch it without distraction and it is a 45 minute video which is full of wisdom.

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3 week diet reviews

I would be sharing a review about 3 week diet. If you are looking for 3 week diet reviews, you have to come to the right place.

If you are not happy with the way you look and want to look attractive again than this review can help you.

So what is the 3 week diet all about?

This is a diet program which helps you to lose around 20 pounds in 21 days ie 3 weeks. Some people might say that this is not the healthy way to lose fat. However you must know the person who has created this program has good experience in the field of fitness and weight loss.

The person’s name is Brian Flatt and he is sports nutritionist and he is also a personal trainer.  

The program will also help you to lose around 2 to 4 inches of your waist size. You will feel energetic and happy with this new lost weight.

Everything is explained step by step and you won’t need any other program. I have personally tried this program and it has helped me too.

The program has four things and they are the following:

3 week diet reviewa)      Introduction Manual – This has information about how we lose weight and how we gain weight. It is science about losing and gaining weight. When you know the basics, you will not gain that fat again because you will KNOW what you should eat and what you should do to keep that weight off.

b)      Diet manual – The Diet manual will give you details about which diet is perfect for you. You will find a diet that is perfect for you. It will give you details about a unique formula by which you can calculate your lean body mass and your fat percentage. You will know how to get rid of fat and at the same time not lose your precious muscle mass.

c)       Workout manual – This program will help you and give you information about working out. This manual is just an add on and you can use it if you want to increase the fat burning process. It will give details about how you can workout for 20 minutes everyday without going to the gym. It also has a workout manual for people who want to go to the gym

d)      Motivation manual – We can achieve anything in this world if our motivation is right. This manual will give you details about how you can change your mindset so that you make a habit of losing weight and never get that fat weight back again.

3 week diet reviewsSo why you should use 3 week diet program?

Above I have given the benefits of the product. However if you want to know why you should use this product, then I can only say one thing. To lose that excess weight. Imagine how good you will feel when you will lose that weight and how you can protect yourself from all the bad diseases that obesity or excess weight brings.  So if you think you want to stay healthy and fit for your life, I would suggest visiting the 3 fat diet page and buying the product. You can click on the banner in this post or you can click here.

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Paleo diet for weight loss reviews, Your guide to paleo review

Do you want to know what paleo diet is and how it can help you with weight loss? In this post, I will be sharing details about paleo diet.

Nowadays many people are following the paleo diet for weight loss.  It requires some knowledge and also requires some basic recipes.

What is paleo food?

So let’s discuss some history.  Paleo food or paleo diet is short form of paleolithic diet.

It is also a diet that caveman used to eat around 10000 BC. These people were healthy by eating nutritious food. The food or meat we have in the market today is mostly processed food and it is full of sugar. The idea is to avoid this food and follow a healthy lifestyle like the caveman.

 Paleo diet for weight loss There are lot of studies that show that processed food is not healthy. So paleo diet is following the following basics.

 These are some of the things you should eat when you are on a Paleo diet:

 Fruits, Meat, eggs, fish, herbs etc.

 These are the things you have to avoid when you are on a paleo diet:

 Soft drinks, sugar, grains, processed foods, dairy products

 The whole idea about following a paleo diet is that you have to create an eating lifestyle of a caveman. This may sound difficult in the beginning however within few days you can get accustomed to this new lifestyle.

 The benefits of this diet are awesome and you will start losing weight. When I say weight, I mean you will start loising ‘fat’ weight.

 There are many recipes available in the market nowadays advocating about paleo diets. However if you are thinking of changing your lifestyle and eat paleo foods, then it is always good to follow a guide that tested and proven. In this way you won’t have to re invent the wheel.

 There is more to paleo diet, and I will be unable to explain everything in this one post. So it is always good to invest in a guide that explains every intricate detail about paleo diet.

 It is always good to follow a paleo cookbook, so you know what you are doing. There are many paleo cookbooks  out there, but I would advise getting the  ‘Your guide to paleo’ book. The reason I suggest this book is that I followed this guide and I lost around 10 pounds in a month.

 With this book, you will get a collection of Paleo recipes. These will specifically be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Your guide to paleo You want have to guess what you should eat. You will KNOW what you should eat. Knowing is better than guessing and it will also save lot of your valuable time.

 All these meals are delicious and you can replace these with whatever you are eating right now.

 Imagine how good you will look after you lose that weight and that will only happen after you follow the recipes and basic details of paleo diet described in this book.

 You can get the paleo guide by clicking on this banner next to the post.


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How many minutes you should rest between sets?

Many people often ask me how many minutes they should rest between sets. This is a good question and I think there is lot of confusion when people are doing their workouts. I don’t blame them because even I was confused when I started working out.

Initially when I started I used to rest for 1 minute between the sets. This was something that I read in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s encyclopaedia of modern bodybuilding. I followed this advice and I got some incredible pumps in the gym. The one that will make your arms explode

Then later I read some bodybuilding magazines and I read lot of conflicting information. Some said you should rest for 2 minutes and some said we should rest for 3 minutes.

I was confused what to do because of all this conflicting information.

So what is the right time to rest between the sets?

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will realize that I am an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and I like to follow his advice. So i would suggest resting for 1 minute for small body parts and for compound exercises like bench presses, dead lifts and squats, I would recommend you to rest for 2 minutes. This is something you should do when you are working to build muscle.

Your goal when building muscle is to lift heavier weights and you can accomplish that when you are resting more between sets.

When you are working on losing weight, then you can rest less between the sets. At this time, your goal is to lose as much fat as possible. This will be attained when you are not resting a lot in your sets.

So these are simple two things you have to keep in your mind when you are doing your workouts.

You can also try something different from time to time. This is resting between 2 to 3 minutes. This is when your goal is to lift more weights and you are thinking of doing some heavy power training workouts. Sometimes you should go for 1 repetition maximum and challenge yourself and see who much weight you can lift in three basic exercises. Of course, you have to do this when you are thinking of gaining muscle.

I hope this information is helpful to you and you can always ask a question by commenting on this blog.

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Reverse barbell curls for big forearms

In this post, I will explain how you can build big forearms by doing reverse barbell curls.

You can build big forearms like Popeye if you do this exercise right 🙂

Reverse barbell curls is one of my best exercise for forearms. If you are in bodybuilding, this exercise can help you a lot. You know why? The reason is that this exercise helps you in making big forearms and when you have big forearm, it is beneficial to you.

When you have big forearms, you will be able to grip better and you can also do many of other exercises easily. This will help you in building muscle mass quickly because you can lift heavier weights. Lifting heavy weights is key to making big muscles.

So reverse barbell curls can be boon for your bodybuilding efforts.

So let’s find out which muscles are worked when you do reverse barbell curl? This exercise is primarily used to build your upper forearms and your outer biceps. It builds your outer biceps also whenever you do this exercise.

So let’s learn to do reverse barbell curls?

You do this movement the same way you will do barbell curls however you will hold the barbell in a ‘reverse way’. You will lift the bar with your knuckles faced away from the body. Lift the barbell with your palms facing inwards.  After picking up the bar, lift the bar in a curling motion unless it reaches your shoulder. When it reaches your shoulder, you have to flex your forearm and your bicep muscle. This is called as ‘peak contraction’ principle. The weight should be brought down slowly in a controlled fashion until it touches your thighs again.

When you are doing this movement, you have to make sure that your elbows are near your body and they move outside. This ensures that your target muscle is doing the work.

Only your forearms should move in this exercise.

I have generally felt that whenever I do this exercise I am able to lift around 20 to 30 pounds lighter than what I would ideally lift while I am doing barbell curls. I think this exercise will build big forearms for you and you can do this exercise on your biceps day.

You can do 4 sets of this exercise and you can do 8 to 12 repetitions if you are trying to lose weight and you can 4 to 6 repetitions if you are trying to build your muscle mass. It all depends on your goal.

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Doing Standing and Sitting Dumbbell curls the right way.

If you have read my blog for a while, you must have figured out that I love biceps workout. In this blog post, I will be explaining how to do dumbbell curls that right way.

Doing the proper bicep curl to build your biceps is necessary because it helps to build your biceps that you have always dreamed of.

In this blog post, I will explain how you can do dumbbell curls the right way. My last post was about alternate dumbbell curls and let me be honest, I am not a fan of that exercise because I think when you are alternating the dumbbell curl movement, you are giving some time to rest your biceps.

This takes the tension off the biceps and this is something that you don’t want. You always should be building continuous tension to your biceps or any other muscle you are building.

So what is the right way to do dumbbell curls?

You can do dumbbell curls standing, sitting or on an incline bench.

Let’s talk about how you can do this movement when you are standing. To do this movement standing, you should pick up the dumbbells that you can lift and your dumbbells should be facing the mirror whenever you are doing this. In a curling motion, lift the weight up until they reach your shoulder.

When the dumbbells reach the shoulder, you should flex your biceps and then drop the dumbbells slowly. You have to do the movement slowly and you have to feel the tension in your biceps all the time when you are doing this movement.

When you are doing this movement standing you can cheat a little which helps when you are working on building muscle mass.

If you want to do some perfect movement and you don’t want to cheat, then I would advise you to do this movement sitting on a bench. This provides some extra isolation and it will be good for your biceps when you do this movement.

When you are doing dumbbell curls sitting or a seated bicep curl, you do the movement the same I have explained above. Only difference will be that you will be doing this movement when you are sitting on the bench.

So when you are thinking of defining your bicep muscle, you can always do dumbbell curls sitting and when you want to build your muscle and expand it, you can then do this exercise when you are standing.

Other alternative way to do this exercise is that you can do incline dumbbell curls. For doing this you will need a inclined bench that you use for exercising your upper chest. You will lie down on the incline bench and your dumbbells will be on the side. This exercise will train the muscle fibers which were not possible when you do the standard dumbbell curls movement. The reason is that you are using a longer range of motion when you are doing incline dumbbell curls.


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