Recuperating from intense workouts

When we workout, we often feel sore the next day. The reason is that we have shocked our body and muscles in workout and they are taking time to grow.

Growth of muscles happens in three phases. 

One when we do our workouts. Second phase is the nutrition phase which builds our muscles. The good nutrients we eat help our muscles to grow. The third and most important part of muscle growth is rest. We need to make sure that we rest at least for 8 hours every night. If you workout hard and heavy and you don’t sleep for 8 hours, you will feel drowsy during the day time and it is will also hamper your muscle growth.

The faster we recuperate from workouts, the better it will be for us.

The reason is that you want to feel strong when you go to the gym. You don’t want to feel lethargic when you step in to the gym. It is also good to follow a workout routine which also has some rest days in it. I have a made a workout routine for busy people. You can check it out. It’s in another post. J

Resting can be difficult for lot of people because nowadays everyone has a busy lifestyle but you have to work something out. You can also take a nap in between your work because that helps also.

It’s always good to workout for 2 days and then take the 3rd day off and then continue the cycle again. This is followed by lot of top bodybuilders and I have read this in lot of bodybuilding magazines.

This makes sense when you are doing a job or can’t go continuously to the gym.

In old school bodybuilding, people used to work out for six days and then rest for one day. That is practical if you are doing bodybuilding full time. But it is not true for people who just want to be healthy and workout.

 The best thing that you can do is sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. This will help you to build muscles and also recuperate completely.

The second thing that you can do is that consume some post workout recovery supplements. There are many in the market and I would like to suggest taking some glutamine because it helps a lot when you are going to do some intense workouts.

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What is right way to get six pack abs?

 I will be honest with you. I have had six pack abs in the past and I don’t have them right now however, I would like to tell you I have did it once and right now I am working on losing some pounds. My goal is to get those six packs again.

I have done it once and I know I can do it again. If you want to know more about me, you can read the about me section of this website which will give you details about me.

As I know few things about getting that washboard abs, I will be sharing few things with you in this post. I would like to share my experience on how can get that chiselled look and who you can get those abs.

There are lot of articles, programs and many other devices that are being marketed which I think are waste of time. Some are good but if you stick to my basic advice, you should be able to get that abs.

So what is the right way to get six pack abs?

 Do you know that we all have abs muscles? Yes, if you are fat and you have a big tummy, you still have abs muscles. Only thing wrong is that it is covered with a layer of fat which is also called adipose cells.

Once you get rid of that fat, your abs muscles will revealed and you will get the six packs you need.

The challenge is to get rid of that fat. You can reduce that fat by doing ab exercises and by buying some fancy equipment.

To get rid of that fat, you have to burn calories. That is done when you go on a diet which has low fat and low carbohydrate diet. But the diet should have some good protein in it. The idea when you are losing weight or losing fat is to maintain your muscle mass and burn your fat tissue. There is no point in burning the muscle weight.

If you burn the fat tissue and maintain your muscle mass, you will get that sexy look you have always dreamed of.

Ok, so let cut to the chase and let me give you three tips to get rid of your belly fat.

The first tip is something I already mentioned again. But it is worth mentioning again. As they say “Repetition is mother of skill”. The more we read something over and over again, the better chances for us to remember it. J. Anyway let’s get to the point?

To reduce your belly fat, the first thing you need to do is reduce your intake from fat. There are many things in fat but I will keep it simple. You have to stop eating junk food. Anything which has high quantity of sugar and oil has to be avoided at any costs.

You also have to reduce your carbohydrates intake and you should eat carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index. I will explain about glycemic index in another post. Carbohydrates have a protein sparing effect and it will give you the energy you need to maintain your daily activity and also will spare protein to do its work. Protein’s work is to maintain your muscles mass.  You should eat protein from animal sources because they have complete protein. This includes meat, fish and chicken. If you are vegetarian, you can go for cottage cheese, curd and milk.

Aim to eat at least one gram of protein for 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of your body weight.

The second tip is to do some kind of cardiovascular exercise. This means you have to do running, jogging, swimming or cycling. Jogging is always the best. Build your endurance or stamina and aim to run eventually for half an hour to 60 minutes every day.

If you do these two things as a ritual, you will start to see abs in a very short time. It all depends on how much fat you will have to lose to reveal that abs. So these are the best way to get six pack abs at home and you don’t have to go to the gym.

The key to success is to take action.

The third tip that I will suggest is to do crunches 3 times in a week. Although spot reduction is not possible and it is has been proved by science. Exercising and isolating you abs will bring the shape you are looking for.

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Shoulder exercises for men and women

In this post I will be talking about shoulder exercises for men and women. Most of the exercises that men do can be done by women also.

So if men wants to increase the size of their shoulder and women want to shape their shoulder, I would be giving details about best shoulder workout for size and shape.

Women can use lighter weights when doing the exercise and they can stick to the weight they are comfortable with.

So which are the best shoulder exercises?

The best shoulder exercise according to me is the military press. This exercise when done correctly will give the best results for mass and shape.

If you are looking for a shoulder workout for mass, you can just do this exercise with heavy weights.

 For doing military press, you need a barbell, a bench, weights. Choose the weight you are comfortable with and hold the barbell wider than your shoulders. The barbell should be on the floor. Pick up the barbell keeping your back straight and move it to your shoulder. Sit down on the bench and push the barbell up until it is extended all the way up. Bring the barbell back slowly. To your shoulder and do a set of 3 for 8 to 12 repetitions.

After this, it is time to do a shoulder dumbbell exercise. This shoulder dumbbell exercise is called side lateral raises. This exercise is for your side shoulders.

Shoulders are made of three muscles and are also called deltoids. This exercise will target the middle part of your shoulder. The military press was for the front part of your shoulder.

Let me tell you how you can do this exercise. Stand up with the dumbbells in your hands. The dumbbells should be ahead of your thighs for a good range of motion. Your closed palms should be facing each other. Swing the weight to the side slowly and lift it till your arms are parallel to the floor. When they are at parallel, you should move your wrists and you should feel as if you are pouring water from a pitcher. This will isolate the muscle even more and it will be good for your shoulders.

These both exercises were for your front and side shoulders. Now let’s talk about an exercise that will work your rear deltoids.

This exercise is called bent over lateral raises. For this exercise you have to do the same movement just like side lateral raises however you need to bend your back down and also your knees while doing this exercise. I would suggest keeping your back straight so that you don’t suffer any kind of injury. So be careful.

Whenever you do any kind of exercise make sure to choose a weight you are comfortable with it. The idea is to do all these exercises with the right technique. If your technique is wrong and you are lifting more weight, it will not help you. It will be dangerous for you and you will also waste your time in the gym.

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One-Arm dumbbell row for a big and defined back

In this blog, I have shared few muscles building tips however I would like to talk about an exercise for back exercise. And the exercise name is one arm dumbbell row. If you want to isolate your back and do an exercise with a good range of motion, then the one arm dumbbell row is the best exercise for you.

There are many other exercises that are good for back and I would definitely recommend doing T Bar rows. This is my favourite exercise and it has helped me to build my back.

However as we are talking about one arm dumbbell row in this blog post, I will not talk about any other exercise.

So how do your one-arm dumbbell row?

You will need a dumbbell and a bench when you are doing one arm dumbbell row. Take a dumbbell or weight that you are comfortable with and keep one knee on the bench. Your one arm should be on the bench and your back should be straight and parallel to the ground. So if you are working the left part of your back then your right knee and right hand will be on the bench.

Your left hand will have the dumbbell. In this bent position when your one knee is on the bench, pull the dumbbell towards your body slowly in controlled fashion.

Don’t swing the weight and you should feel the muscle of your back doing the work. If you are getting a pump somewhere else thane you are probably doing something wrong.

Once the dumbbell is up and close to your body, lower it down again. Do this slowly and control the weight against gravity.

You should ideally do 8 to 12 repetitions you are comfortable with.

The muscles worked in one arm dumbbell row is basically your back which is also called latissimus dorsi

This exercise is also called bent over dumbbell row because you bend down and you move the dumbbell up in a rowing fashion. If you do any kind of rowing exercise, you will build a good strong back. You will also get the sculpted and sexy look on your back.

For one arm dumbbell row, you can choose the weight you are comfortable with and you can slowly and gradually increase the weight.

If you are looking for one arm dumbbell row alternative, you can do T bar rows or bent over rows. These are awesome exercises for back and I will be sharing details on how to do these exercises shortly.

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