Creatine before or after workout

If you want to know whether you should take creatine before or after workout, you have come to the right place.

Everyone who has been lifting weights for a while will be well aware of Creatine Monohydrate. There are many benefits of creatine and I will be sharing few benefits in this post. Nothing scientific about this post but will share some facts on how creatine can help you.

I have taken creatine once in my life and that time my arms measured 18 inches. That’s the highest my arm has ever measured and I am proud of that achievement. It happened with help of creatine.

What creatine basically does is that it pulls water in the muscle you are targeting. As muscle is made of 70% water, the more hydrated it is, the better for your muscle.

It also gives you additional power for your workout and you will find out that you are able to lift more than usual. When you lift more weight, it means that you will build more muscle.

So if you are on a bodybuilding routine and looking to bulk up, creatine will definitely help you.

So the question is when do you take creatine before or after workout?

The answer is both the time.  You should take 2 grams of creatine before you workout and 2 grams and creatine after the workout. Mix the creatine with water and it will be good for you. The taste is bit chalky but you know that you need to drink it in order to build those muscles.

There are people who will give you lot of suggestions and even tell you to take scoops of creatine but that is not necessary. This is not necessary because, any more creatine you take is waste and is not good for you.

Just make sure to drink lot of water when you are taking creatine. Drink about 3 to 4 litres of water every day. This is required for extra muscle power and this is also required because you have to be hydrated when you are taking creatine.

So it is always good to take creatine monohydrate before workout and after workout also. This advise will help you lot and I advise you to follow this. It has worked for me and it will work for you also.

Also make sure that your protein intake is good and you are eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. This will ensure that you are building your muscle and your energy is not getting wasted.  

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