Avoid eating processed Junk foods

processed food

processed foodQuality of food matters a lot when you want to lose weight and when you want to stay healthy.  Quality of food is determined by knowing how nutritious the food is.

So to make sure that you eat nutritious food, the first step that you need to take is avoid eating processed food.

Processed food is not good for you and many studies have proven that. So the question that can come to your mind is, “What is processed food?”

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In short, most of processed food is tasty and is made by the food industry so that they can make money.

The tastier the food is the more it will sell.

Any food that has a label on it and which comes in a box, can and has list of ingredients written on it can be considered a processed food. Processed food contains lot of salt, sugar and it is made that way so that it is tasty.

The junk food that we keep eating is mostly processed food.

There are some steps that need to be followed when processing foods.

Some of the steps are the following:

1)      Refining

2)      Enriching

3)      Preserving

I will explain refining and enriching first. You need to make sure that you don’t eat refined foods and eat only whole grain products. Refining is a process that removes the outer husks of the grains. The outer husks are supposed to be the most nutritious part of the whole grain. After refining whole grains, there is some enriching process where some nutrients are enriched again but still the important minerals and vitamins are removed from the grain.

This leads to lots of deficiency of vital nutrients and you body suffers when you don’t give it the correct nutrition.

After this is over, some preservatives are added to the food so that this increases the shelf life of the food products.

There has been lot of research and it is said that preservatives are not good for you.

Food that come without labels are considered healthy food. That food is fruits, vegetables, whole grain products. I would encourage you to eat only these kinds of food and avoid processed food.

It will take some time to make this lifestyle change and can be difficult to do in the start but your body will thank you in the future.

When you start avoiding processed food, you will realize that suddenly you have lot of energy and you have started losing weight. This is because you are not eating extra calories and you are getting proper nutrients from eating other foods.

I hope you get a little idea about what is processed food. So take action today and stop putting junk in your body. When you keep eating this junk, your body will become junk and when you eat superfoods, your body will become awesome.

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