Best Bicep Exercises

I recently wrote about best workout plans for people who are working. So now I will be breaking down the exercises you can do if you follow that workout plan.

I will start with bicep exercises because biceps have always been my favourite body part. There was a time when my bicep was  inches. Now it is 16 and half and I am working in making it 19 inches soon.

So which are the best bicep exercises?

I will share 3 bicep exercises in this post which has helped me to build my bicep up to  inches. When you are doing bicep exercises, the best exercise that i can thin about is barbell curls.

Barbell curls is the best exercise for biceps and when a person does it will not only shape the bicep muscle, it will also build mass if done the write way.

Problem with most people when they do barbell curls is that they do it the wrong way. When I am in the gym, i see people loading so much weight that they don’t follow the right technique.

Everyone is trying to show off how much weight they can lift and they are not focusing on the technique and muscle itself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends that concentrate only on the muscle you are working out and he also talks about the mind muscle connection. That is only possible when you are following the right technique

Lets start with barbell curls

When doing barbell curls, make sure to load only weight that you are comfortable with and aim for three sets of all exercise.

When doing barbell curls you have to keep your elbows stationary and they should not flare out and they should also not move ahead of the body. Only your forearms should move when you are doing this exercise.

Also you should not curl your wrist when you are starting this exercise. This takes the tension away from the biceps and you will have big forearms but not big biceps.

Second important exercise for biceps is dumbbell curls. You have to do this the same you would do barbell curls however this gives you larger range of motion when you do it.

Always keep you elbows near your body and they should not go in the front and they should never move away from your body.

My favourite exercise for peak of the biceps is the concentration curls. It helped me a lot to build mass of my biceps and it will help you also.

Some people do concentration curls in modern ways however I like to do it like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is one video I found of Arnold Schwarzenegger on You Tube so I am sharing it over here.

This is the right way to do concentration curls.

In next post, I will be talking about tricep exercises that you can use to build strong arms.







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