Best hamstring exercises

In this article, I will discuss the best hamstring exercises for your hamstrings. Hamstrings are the back of your legs and are also often called leg biceps. Many people ignore their legs when they start working out. I think this is a mistake because leg workouts are important and one should concentrate on leg workout.

In this article I won’t talk about quadriceps exercises. Quadriceps exercises are the front of your legs.

I will talk about two exercises which are important for your hamstrings.

So which are the best hamstring exercises?

Two exercises that are good for your hamstrings are straight leg dead lifts and leg curls.

I will explain how to do straight leg dead lifts.  For straight leg dead lifts, you need is a barbell and some weights. Load the barbell with weights you are comfortable with.

You should be able to do 15 repetitions for your first set. And then increase the weight and reduce the repetitions as you move through your workouts.

The idea is to do 4 sets of straight leg dead lifts.

Once your weight is loaded, keep it on the floor. Now lift the barbell by bending below and keeping your legs straight. Your legs should be straight and you should bend down by keeping your back straight. There should not be any curve or arch in your back.

Lift the weight from the floor and then move upwards until you are standing straight. You should hold the barbell with palms facing inside. Do 15 repetitions in the first set and then increase the weight. Do second set of 10 repetitions. The final two sets can be of 8 repetitions.

Sometimes you can also increase the weight and do 6 repetitions and fifth set.

For lying leg curls machine, you will need a machine and you can do this in a gym. When you find the machine in your gym, lie down with your back facing the ceiling. The cushion pads should fit just below of your calves. Once you are lying down and comfortable, lift the weight up in a curling motion. Once your calves touch the hamstrings, you should flex your calf muscles.

Do 5 sets of this exercise in the same that I explained for straight leg dead lifts. So these two are best exercise for your hamstrings and whenever you do 10 sets of this exercise, you have done a good workout for your hamstrings. 

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