Best tricep exercises for men and women

There are many tricep exercises however I will be discussing the most important ones here, so that you can shape your triceps and you can also tone it if that is your goal.

If you want to make big arms, you should always concentrate on your triceps first because it forms 2/3 rd of your arms. Some people think that if they will build their biceps, they will develop big and huge arms. Good biceps definitely look good however if you want that massive arm look, you should build your triceps.

So which are the best tricep exercises for men and women

I will be talking about three tricep exercises and I will explain how you should do it.

1)      Lying tricep extensions – This is my favourite tricep exercise and it is also called skull crushers. You will need a bench to do this exercise and also a spotter or a person who can help you to lift the barbell. This exercise works best with an e z bar curl. Just lie down on a bench and load a weight you are comfortable with. Tell the person or spotter helping you to lift the weight and give it to you when you are lying down on the bench. Your arms should be extended when you are doing this exercise.  Keep your upper arms stationary and start moving your forearms slowly behind your forehead and then push the weight back up. When your arms are extended the angle should be around 80 degrees. Make sure that you keep your upper arms stationary whenever you do this. Feel your triceps when you are doing this movement.

2)      Close grip bench presses – This technique builds the mass of your biceps. Do this exercise the same way you will do bench press but hold the barbell in the centre. You should grab the bar in the centre around six inches away. Unrack the bar and then bring it slowly down to your chest. It should touch the lower part of your chest and then you should push the bar back again. This movement also works on your inner part of your chest.

3)      One arm tricep extensions – For doing this exercise you will need a dumbbell that you are comfortable with and then you should sit down on you bench. Raise your arm above your head holding the dumbbell. Your hand should be straight with dumbbell in the start of the movement.  Your knuckles should be pointing backwards when you are doing this exercise. Now slowly move the dumbbell and keep your upper arm steady. The dumbbell should end up at the back of your head. Now push the dumbbell back up again.

These are three exercises that you need to do when you are doing tricep exercises and they are best exercises for your triceps. This tricep exercises are good for building mass and also toning and shaping your triceps.

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