Calories burned walking up stairs

If you are curious about calories burned walking up stairs, then this post will give you some details and insights about it.

Today I had a good workout and I felt I should share with you. I did some staircase climbing at my workplace and I was curious how many calories did I burn.

I have a colleague who does this everyday and I was inspired by him and felt like joining him. This happened when we went down for a break and while coming back up we decided not to take the elevator.

The best part is that I work in a 40 storey building and my office is on 16th floor. It was a challenge I knew and previously I have climbed six floors. Walking for 16 was a difficult task however I did accomplish it and I am proud of it.

When i reached 12th floor, my heart was pumping faster and I decided to take a 30 second break. I thought it is not good to push my body so much on the very first day.

My legs were feeling like noodles when I reached the top floor.

I am working on losing some pounds and I have decided to make this my routine everyday and walk 16 storeys every day.

I did some research online to find out how many calories are burned walking up stairs. It is always good to measure how many calories we are burning. We can then plan accordingly.

I found out that a person who weighs around 150 pounds, will burn around 100 calories if he or she walks for 10 minutes. This will increase if the person is overweight and weighs more than 150 pounds. This is just an approximate figure.

As I weigh more, I know that I will burn more calories J

This will be initially however I can increase my speed of walking and I think this will increase the intensity of the workout.

While finding out and searching online if any other people do this, I found this video. This man lost 80 pounds in 18 months by taking the staircase. He also lost 10 inches and now wears 42 inch pants.

Check out the video for inspiration:


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