Lying tricep extension for big arms and triceps

Have you ever dreamed about building big arms? Most of people when they enter bodybuilding, they do think about building big arms. I was one of them and I build my arms to 18 inches when I was nineteen. Now my arms measure a modest 16 and half inches and one of the reasons is that I focused on tricep training.

If you want big arms, you should focus on building triceps. Tricep is made of three muscles and biceps is made of two muscles.

To build big triceps, you need to do the right exercises for your triceps and lying tricep extension is one the best exercises for triceps.

I can vouch for this exercise because; I have built my triceps with this exercise.

So how do you do Lying tricep extension?

Just note that this exercise is also called skull crushers. To do this exercise, you will also need a bench on which you can lie down.

When you lie down on the bench, ask someone in the gym to pick up the bar and hand it over to you.

You can use an ez curl bar or a straight bar. I got some good results with ex curl bar, so you can check it out. I have also used a straight barbell. The best thing you can do is try both of them and then find out which one you are comfortable with.

When you are handed the bar, your hand will should be extended and should be 90 degrees. Now move the bar little towards your face. At this time your hands should be straight however they should slant a little. When you are in this position, slowly lower the weight and bend your elbows. When you bend your elbows the bar should drop slightly back of your head. When you reach this position, push the bar back up. During this movement make sure that you are elbows are spread far wide.

Do a first set of 15 repetitions. This will be good for a warm up. The idea is to do 5 sets of the same exercise.

The next set you will increase the weight and this will reduce the repetitions you are doing.

Increase the weight and aim for 8 to 12 repetitions in the last four sets.

This will be just a part of your tricep workout. I will be sharing information about some more tricep exercises in this blog. So subscribe or bookmark my blog for future updates.

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