Matthew mcconaughey weight loss and Oscar win

It’s good to know that Matthew Mcconaughey won Best Actor Award. I saw Dallas Buyers Club a month back I was shocked looking at Matthew mcconaughey on how he had lost so much weight.

The question people are asking is how did he do it?

Matthew mcconaughey weight loss for movie is inspiring to me.

Is there any Matthew mcconaughey weight loss secret?

As i like to do research about weight loss, I found out few things and few videos that I will like to share with you. This man is really dedicated and really knows how to get into a character.

He certainly deserves an Oscar. He dropped from 181 lbs to down to 143 lbs. That losing 1/4th of body weight. Although it is not good to lose so much weight quickly, i am still impressed with this guy’s dedication.

I read somewhere that he used to eat only some chicken, some pudding and use a tiny sugar spoon so that he could make his food last for a very long time.

He said that main thing in losing this weight was how he controlled his diet and it was not much to do with exercise.

Here is an interview in which he talks about how he felt.


This is another video that gives more information about his weight loss journey and also about his movie Dallas Buyers Club


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