Muscle building diet and tips

Muscle building diet and tips

Muscle building diet and tipsIf you are you looking for muscle building tips, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will explain how muscle is built.

There are many things involved when building muscles and I will explain them in detail.

There are three kinds of body types. They are the following:

1)      Ectomorph – Ectomorph is a thin person and it takes time for this person to build muscle because his metabolism is fast and he is unable to build muscle faster. This person usually has to eat a lot to build muscle and it can be frustrating sometimes because results can take some time

2)      Endomorph – Endo morph are the people who put on fat quickly and they are on the plumper side. These people can gain muscular weight and can build muscle but they also have a problem of gaining fat weight also.

3)      Mesomorph – Mesomorphs are the athletic types and these people can build muscle quickly because they are blessed by their genetics.

There have to be different approaches to build muscles for these body types. I will discuss Nutrition first because this is one of important part in building muscles. If you eat right, you will grow.

An ectomorph has to eat a lot and increase his or her calories intake if they want to build muscle. They should focus on eating more of carbohydrates and also eat protein at the same time. They should eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. This will help in building muscles and also maintaining muscle. This is a general practice that is followed by most of the bodybuilders and eating at least 1 gram per pound of body weight is required. The more the better.

Endomorphs should keep in their mind that when they want to gain muscular weight, they can’t lose fat weight and gain muscular weight at the same time. This is conflicting for their body. Endomorphs should go on a weight loss diet and when the fat is lost, they can start building muscle.

When building muscle, even they should stick to eating 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of body weight. The same applies with mesomorphs.

When you are eating protein, you need to be sure what kind of protein you are eating. You should know that protein is made of amino acids. In order for protein to build muscle, it should have all the essential amino acids. All the essential amino acids are found in complete protein.

Complete proteins are found in meat, egg, chicken and dairy products. So vegetarians can have a problem when you want to gain muscle. Vegetarians should include milk and dairy products in their diet when they want to gain muscle.

The reason is that pulses and vegetables don’t have all the essential amino acids. However there are some charts available that give you information about combining various vegetarian resources in order to get complete protein.  You can refer to

We have spoken enough of the protein. Now let’s talk about carbohydrates. You need to eat some carbohydrates preferably 2 grams of carbphydrates for one pound of your body weight.

Carbohydrates have a ‘protein sparing’ effect and it is used for energy. So when you eat sufficient carbohydrates. You will be sure that you don’t use protein for energy activities. Protein should be left for muscle building activities.

There are different kinds of carbohydrates available and you should only eat complex carbohydrates and the carbohydrates that have low glycemic index.

Carbohydrates that have low glycemic index are good for your body because you are able to maintain your blood sugar levels. Controlling your blood sugar levels is one important thing when you are trying to lose weight. Refer to this

So the most important things for a person are to realize what body type they belong too. Once they know this, they will be able to follow the right plan.

These are some nutrition tips that we discussed. Let’s discuss some weight training now.

Always remember that muscle building involves good nutrition and also working out in the gym.

So you need the following to build muscle:

a)      Good food and Nutrition

b)      Working out in the GYM

When you are in the gym, you should focus on the basic exercises that are required to build muscle.

You will need to perform the following exercises for each body part:

1)      Chest (Bench press, Incline bench press, Cable crossovers)

2)      Biceps ( Barbell Curls, Dumbell Curls, Concentration Curls)

3)      Triceps (Lying triceps Extensions, close grip bench press)

4)      Shoulders (Military press, lateral raises. Bent over lateral raises)

5)      Lower back (Dead lift)

6)      Legs (Squats, Leg presses)

7)      Back (T bar rows, Bent over rows)

8)      Hamstrings (Straight leg deadlifts)

9)      Calves (Standing Calf raises)

These are all the basic exercises that you need to do. Make sure that you target one body part once in a week.

Do all the exercises and make sure to overload your muscles. The heavier the weight is the more your muscle will grow. You have to shock your muscles and push them out of your comfort zone.

If you are feeling comfortable while working out, this means you are not growing.

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