One-Arm dumbbell row for a big and defined back

In this blog, I have shared few muscles building tips however I would like to talk about an exercise for back exercise. And the exercise name is one arm dumbbell row. If you want to isolate your back and do an exercise with a good range of motion, then the one arm dumbbell row is the best exercise for you.

There are many other exercises that are good for back and I would definitely recommend doing T Bar rows. This is my favourite exercise and it has helped me to build my back.

However as we are talking about one arm dumbbell row in this blog post, I will not talk about any other exercise.

So how do your one-arm dumbbell row?

You will need a dumbbell and a bench when you are doing one arm dumbbell row. Take a dumbbell or weight that you are comfortable with and keep one knee on the bench. Your one arm should be on the bench and your back should be straight and parallel to the ground. So if you are working the left part of your back then your right knee and right hand will be on the bench.

Your left hand will have the dumbbell. In this bent position when your one knee is on the bench, pull the dumbbell towards your body slowly in controlled fashion.

Don’t swing the weight and you should feel the muscle of your back doing the work. If you are getting a pump somewhere else thane you are probably doing something wrong.

Once the dumbbell is up and close to your body, lower it down again. Do this slowly and control the weight against gravity.

You should ideally do 8 to 12 repetitions you are comfortable with.

The muscles worked in one arm dumbbell row is basically your back which is also called latissimus dorsi

This exercise is also called bent over dumbbell row because you bend down and you move the dumbbell up in a rowing fashion. If you do any kind of rowing exercise, you will build a good strong back. You will also get the sculpted and sexy look on your back.

For one arm dumbbell row, you can choose the weight you are comfortable with and you can slowly and gradually increase the weight.

If you are looking for one arm dumbbell row alternative, you can do T bar rows or bent over rows. These are awesome exercises for back and I will be sharing details on how to do these exercises shortly.

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