Paleo diet for weight loss reviews, Your guide to paleo review

Do you want to know what paleo diet is and how it can help you with weight loss? In this post, I will be sharing details about paleo diet.

Nowadays many people are following the paleo diet for weight loss.  It requires some knowledge and also requires some basic recipes.

What is paleo food?

So let’s discuss some history.  Paleo food or paleo diet is short form of paleolithic diet.

It is also a diet that caveman used to eat around 10000 BC. These people were healthy by eating nutritious food. The food or meat we have in the market today is mostly processed food and it is full of sugar. The idea is to avoid this food and follow a healthy lifestyle like the caveman.

 Paleo diet for weight loss There are lot of studies that show that processed food is not healthy. So paleo diet is following the following basics.

 These are some of the things you should eat when you are on a Paleo diet:

 Fruits, Meat, eggs, fish, herbs etc.

 These are the things you have to avoid when you are on a paleo diet:

 Soft drinks, sugar, grains, processed foods, dairy products

 The whole idea about following a paleo diet is that you have to create an eating lifestyle of a caveman. This may sound difficult in the beginning however within few days you can get accustomed to this new lifestyle.

 The benefits of this diet are awesome and you will start losing weight. When I say weight, I mean you will start loising ‘fat’ weight.

 There are many recipes available in the market nowadays advocating about paleo diets. However if you are thinking of changing your lifestyle and eat paleo foods, then it is always good to follow a guide that tested and proven. In this way you won’t have to re invent the wheel.

 There is more to paleo diet, and I will be unable to explain everything in this one post. So it is always good to invest in a guide that explains every intricate detail about paleo diet.

 It is always good to follow a paleo cookbook, so you know what you are doing. There are many paleo cookbooks  out there, but I would advise getting the  ‘Your guide to paleo’ book. The reason I suggest this book is that I followed this guide and I lost around 10 pounds in a month.

 With this book, you will get a collection of Paleo recipes. These will specifically be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Your guide to paleo You want have to guess what you should eat. You will KNOW what you should eat. Knowing is better than guessing and it will also save lot of your valuable time.

 All these meals are delicious and you can replace these with whatever you are eating right now.

 Imagine how good you will look after you lose that weight and that will only happen after you follow the recipes and basic details of paleo diet described in this book.

 You can get the paleo guide by clicking on this banner next to the post.


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