Reverse barbell curls for big forearms

In this post, I will explain how you can build big forearms by doing reverse barbell curls.

You can build big forearms like Popeye if you do this exercise right 🙂

Reverse barbell curls is one of my best exercise for forearms. If you are in bodybuilding, this exercise can help you a lot. You know why? The reason is that this exercise helps you in making big forearms and when you have big forearm, it is beneficial to you.

When you have big forearms, you will be able to grip better and you can also do many of other exercises easily. This will help you in building muscle mass quickly because you can lift heavier weights. Lifting heavy weights is key to making big muscles.

So reverse barbell curls can be boon for your bodybuilding efforts.

So let’s find out which muscles are worked when you do reverse barbell curl? This exercise is primarily used to build your upper forearms and your outer biceps. It builds your outer biceps also whenever you do this exercise.

So let’s learn to do reverse barbell curls?

You do this movement the same way you will do barbell curls however you will hold the barbell in a ‘reverse way’. You will lift the bar with your knuckles faced away from the body. Lift the barbell with your palms facing inwards.  After picking up the bar, lift the bar in a curling motion unless it reaches your shoulder. When it reaches your shoulder, you have to flex your forearm and your bicep muscle. This is called as ‘peak contraction’ principle. The weight should be brought down slowly in a controlled fashion until it touches your thighs again.

When you are doing this movement, you have to make sure that your elbows are near your body and they move outside. This ensures that your target muscle is doing the work.

Only your forearms should move in this exercise.

I have generally felt that whenever I do this exercise I am able to lift around 20 to 30 pounds lighter than what I would ideally lift while I am doing barbell curls. I think this exercise will build big forearms for you and you can do this exercise on your biceps day.

You can do 4 sets of this exercise and you can do 8 to 12 repetitions if you are trying to lose weight and you can 4 to 6 repetitions if you are trying to build your muscle mass. It all depends on your goal.

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