Shoulder exercises for men and women

In this post I will be talking about shoulder exercises for men and women. Most of the exercises that men do can be done by women also.

So if men wants to increase the size of their shoulder and women want to shape their shoulder, I would be giving details about best shoulder workout for size and shape.

Women can use lighter weights when doing the exercise and they can stick to the weight they are comfortable with.

So which are the best shoulder exercises?

The best shoulder exercise according to me is the military press. This exercise when done correctly will give the best results for mass and shape.

If you are looking for a shoulder workout for mass, you can just do this exercise with heavy weights.

 For doing military press, you need a barbell, a bench, weights. Choose the weight you are comfortable with and hold the barbell wider than your shoulders. The barbell should be on the floor. Pick up the barbell keeping your back straight and move it to your shoulder. Sit down on the bench and push the barbell up until it is extended all the way up. Bring the barbell back slowly. To your shoulder and do a set of 3 for 8 to 12 repetitions.

After this, it is time to do a shoulder dumbbell exercise. This shoulder dumbbell exercise is called side lateral raises. This exercise is for your side shoulders.

Shoulders are made of three muscles and are also called deltoids. This exercise will target the middle part of your shoulder. The military press was for the front part of your shoulder.

Let me tell you how you can do this exercise. Stand up with the dumbbells in your hands. The dumbbells should be ahead of your thighs for a good range of motion. Your closed palms should be facing each other. Swing the weight to the side slowly and lift it till your arms are parallel to the floor. When they are at parallel, you should move your wrists and you should feel as if you are pouring water from a pitcher. This will isolate the muscle even more and it will be good for your shoulders.

These both exercises were for your front and side shoulders. Now let’s talk about an exercise that will work your rear deltoids.

This exercise is called bent over lateral raises. For this exercise you have to do the same movement just like side lateral raises however you need to bend your back down and also your knees while doing this exercise. I would suggest keeping your back straight so that you don’t suffer any kind of injury. So be careful.

Whenever you do any kind of exercise make sure to choose a weight you are comfortable with it. The idea is to do all these exercises with the right technique. If your technique is wrong and you are lifting more weight, it will not help you. It will be dangerous for you and you will also waste your time in the gym.

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