Standing Barbell Curl Benefits

There are many benefits of standing barbell curl. I will be sharing those benefits in this post. This is one of my favorite exercises. And l like it because biceps are one of favorite body part. I always wanted to make big arms and did achieve my goal of 18 inch arms. My arms measure now 16 and ½ inches. Well, that’s a different story and I don’t want to talk about me in this post. But my goal is to build them again.

Okay, I won’t waste your time with my goals. Let’s get right into how standing barbell curls can help you. Because that is what is this post is all about.

So how can Standing Barbell Curls help you and why should you do it?

Standing Barbell Curl is a basic compound exercise that is good for your biceps. If your goal is to shape your biceps or if you want to build mass of your biceps, this exercise is the best exercise for your biceps. There are many isolation exercises also, but this is the king of all biceps exercises.

If your goal is to build muscle, load the weight you are comfortable with and load the barbell. The heavier the weight the more your muscle will grow. You have to be sure that you are following the right technique when you are doing barbell curls. Only by following the right technique, you will get the results you want.

So how do you do standard barbell curl and which muscles work when you do this exercise?

You can do barbell curls with a straight bar or you can also use an ez bar curl. I have got good results with a straight bar. When you have a wide grip, it will build your inner biceps and when you have close grip it will work on your outer biceps.

So this way, you can work your biceps muscle when and target outer biceps or inner biceps depending upon what is weak point of your biceps.

The best technique is to keep the grip that is shoulder level. Same goes with standing barbell curl with ez bar curls.

When you do barbell curls, it will work your biceps but it will also work on your forearms muscles. You will feel some kind of stretch in your forearms also. So it helps to build your forearm muscles to some degree also.

So let me explain how you can do this exercise by yourself. Pick up the barbell and load the weights you are comfortable with. Then aim for five sets of this exercise. Use a straight bar and a shoulder width when you are doing this exercise.  Curl the weight up by standing straight. When you do this movement you have to be sure that you are keeping your wrists steady and you should not twist your wrists outside or inward. If you do this, you will take the pressure off the biceps and you will be working your forearms.

Also, your elbows should not go to the side and your upper arms should be steady when you do this exercise.  Only your forearms should move in this exercise. The biceps should do the majority of work when you are doing this exercise.

When you are doing this exercise, there are many times when you will get carried away with people doing this exercise with more weights. Don’t copy them and do the exercise with the weights you are comfortable with.

There are many show offs in the gym who will be doing this exercise with weights loaded that they cannot handle. I feel they are bunch of phonies who will hurt themselves. So don’t be like them.

So now you know the standing barbell curl form, make sure that you follow it.

Do the exercise in a correct text book form. Text book form will give the correct results.

Another few things that are important when you are doing this exercise is that you should not drop the weight when you are doing the negative part. The negative part of the movement is when the weight is coming down with gravity. That is the time you need to control the weight and not just drop it.

This is an important thing. The other thing that you need to do is make sure that you flex your muscle when you reach the top of the movement.  This will build the peak of your muscle.

Another thing you have to do when doing this exercise is that you should build continuous tension when you are doing this exercise this means when you are at the bottom of the movement when you are doing this exercise, you should not rest and keep going on until your biceps are crying for mercy. Don’t stop and keep on going. Pain means growth. Always remember, No pain, No gain. This is a motivational quote that I read in Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

As you are aiming for 5 sets of these exercises, there are two things you can do. The first set is always for warm up and it can be for 20 repetitions.

In the following sets, the repetitions will reduce and you will increase the weights on the barbells. So you can do next repetitions in the range of 8 to 12 repetitions. This should be done if you are looking to shape the muscle. This will also increase your endurance.

If your goal is opposite and you want to do build muscles mass, then I would recommend doing repetitions in 6 to 8 repetitions range. This will build muscle mass.

On occasions, I would even suggest doing repetitions as low as 6 repetitions, 4 repetitions and even 2 repetitions. This is kind of performing barbell curls with power training method. It has worked for me and it should work for you also.

You should do this if you are aiming for building big biceps like your favorite bodybuilders and actors.

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