Quadriceps exercises

Quadriceps exercises

If you want to know what the best quadriceps exercises are, you have come to the right place. I will be talking about my experience and will share what I think are the best quadriceps exercises.

Building your quadriceps is a must and people often ignore their leg muscles whenever they go to gym.

If you don’t know what quadriceps is, they are front of your thigh muscles.

There are many ways you can tone up your quadriceps muscles. There are many exercises. I will talk about two exercises for building your quadriceps muscles and which are also good for toning your quadriceps muscles.

So which are the best Quadriceps exercises?

The two exercises that are best are called squats and also leg presses.

I will explain how to do both of them. Squats will be easy for a person depending on the height of the person. Shorter people find it easy to do squat and tall people have some problems whenever they think of doing squats.

My height is 6 feet 2 inches and I always found it difficult to do squats but I did overcome that barrier and was able to build some good legs. My maximum in squats has been 300 pounds for 2 repetitions.

For doing squats you need a gym and a squat rack. Load the barbell with some pounds and get under the barbell.

When you unrack the barbell, you have to make sure that your back is straight and that the barbell is placed on your trap muscles. Squat down till your upper thighs are parallel to floor. Then push back up by pressing down to the floor. Make sure that you have the right balance whenever you do this and also use a weight that you are comfortable with.

It is also good to take help of a spotter whenever you do this. This makes sure that you are safe when you are using lots of weight.

If you are tall, you will find that you have tendency to lean forward when you are doing squats. That is okay however make sure that your back is straight. You can also keep a small 1 inch wooden log below your ankles whenever you do squats.  This will give you a better balance and will put pressure on your thighs instead of your back. This is beneficial for people who are tall.

Shorter people will find it easier to do squats and may not need a log. They just need some good sneakers whenever they want to do squats. There are some people who like to do squats without any shoes. I am one of them and I always felt good about it.

Nowadays there are many people who don’t like doing squats and they think they can build the same kind of muscles mass when they do leg presses. That is true however I feel one should not avoid doing squats because it is a basic exercise for front thighs and will also build you overall endurance. So there are many other benefits also.

If you are thinking of doing leg presses, there are two kinds of leg presses machines. In old gyms, you will find a vertical leg press machine and new ones you will see 45 degree leg press machine.

When doing leg presses, you can go for the 45 degree one.

For doing this exercise, you will have to lie down on a leg press machine and keep your feet on the pads on which you will push the weights up.

I have seen photos of bodybuilders pushing the weight and up doing leg presses with 1000 pounds. Those photos are inspiring and I have always dreamed of lifting so many weights. J You should always use a weight that you are comfortable with. Choose uncomfortable weights after you master the right technique.

Once you are lying on the leg press machine, unhook the safety hooks with your hands and push the weight up with your legs. I have found out that you don’t have to push the weight completely up. You don’t have to completely stretch out your legs. This builds continuous tension on quadriceps muscles.

When performing these quadriceps exercises, you should always do 5 sets of squats and 5 sets of leg presses. This will be a good workout and you will definitely tone or build you quadriceps muscles when you do this.

You can do repetitions of 8 to 12 repetitions. This is the ideal repetitions that people do when they are performing leg exercises.

Occasionally I would also suggest doing some power training and going as low as 6 to 4 repetitions. When you do this you can take some longer rest between your sets. It is always good to find out how many weights you can lift. It also gives you a big ego boost to know how many weights you can lift.

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