Tricks to lose weight fast

Tricks to lose weight fast

Are looking for tricks to lose weight fast, you have come to the right place. Many people want to lose weight and are looking for tricks and in other words which I call specialized knowledge.

Tricks to lose weight fast

You can all the desire in the world but if you don’t know what you should do, you will end of frustrated. After all why should you reinvent the wheel and do experimentation when you want to lose weight.

There is so much information on the Internet and you might be overwhelmed with all that information.

In this article, I will give you simple tricks to lose weight fast. Some people take these tips as granted but I would advise you not to take these tips lightly.

When you start following these tips, you will be on your way to get the best body you have ever dreamed of.

So what are tricks to lose weight fast?

One important thing that you should remember while losing weight is that you should cut down your calories and should avoid food that has lot of calories.

The following things might be an eye opener for you:

1 gram of proetein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

So by checking the above chart, it is no brainer that you should cut down food that is coming from fat. Fat is basically found in oil and anything that is fried and deep fried.

So first thing that you need to do is reduce your fat and stop eating junk food. Junk food is made to be tasty and addictive, so when you eat it, you feel like eating more.

The first thing that you need to do is spit out anything that tastes good. It Is said by Jack LaLanne “if it tastes good, spit it out.”

This is the rule of thumb you should follow.

Another thing that you need to do is eat small meals and eat 4 to 5 times in a day. The reason behind this is that you don’t consume all the calories in one go. When you eat a lot the extra calories are turned into fat.

This can be difficult in the beginning but you should make sure that you stick to this plan.

Second thing that you need to do is make sure that you eat at least 1 gram of complete protein for 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of your body weight.

This is required because this helps you to maintain your muscle mass when you want to lose weight. When you are losing weight, you want to lose weight that is fat tissue and not muscle mass.

Protein basically protects you muscle mass. You should also reduce your carbohydrates because when you reduce your carbohydrate, your body is forced to use fat stored in your body as energy.

Always count calories. You can always follow a good calorie chart to know what exactly you need to eat.

Females should average around 1600 to 1800 calories when you are losing weight and men should average around 2000 to 2800 in a day. These are some approximate numbers and you can try to consume only these calories when you want to lose weight.

This was the eating part. Now let’s talk about the exercise part. You have to make sure that you do some kind of exercise to burn calories. You can make a commitment of doing some aerobic exercise for at least 4 times in a week.

If you want to know what aerobic exercise is, it is swimming, jogging, running, bicycle riding.

Also running on a treadmill! If you can afford to buy a treadmill, it’s good. Otherwise you can buy a good pair of sneakers and you can go for a jog and go for a walk.

You can also do some weight training if you have some time. It all depends on your schedule.

Some people have to do two jobs and some people have lot of time.

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